i'm savannah
i wake up every day and smile because i'm happy to be alive

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Anonymous asked: that's cool did you get close

of course (: I barricaded

i hate how easily i cry it makes me feel so weak one shitty thing and im in tears ha hah

Anonymous asked: How was seeing watic at warped did anything special happened

when I went to the photo m&g I was so nervous to give Tay her shirt but idid and she was like “yes that’s awesome I love it!!” And I told them I loved all of them very much Tay said they loved me too, and the boys said “we better see you tonight alright” and I said of course duh then they all were like of course you will we know that or something like that. Rob laughed at me and Jordan did his little awkward giggle !!!! I wish I could have talked to them but that was good enough :-) And as soon as they came onto the stage Tay looked at me and smiled and I like spazzed a bit then she actually laughed at me and Cameron smiled at me and so did Mike :-) then Tay got in the crowd and she held my hand the whole time like literally I was the the only one with her hand holding she didn’t pull away she just kept holding :-))

Anonymous asked: What shirts did you get at warped tour

I got all together three watic, one state champs (derek signed), an echosmith. That’s it I wanted to get a real friends and neck deep it just didn’t work out that waaayyyy.